What Is A Reverse Mortgage? – YouTube

Check out our new Reverse Mortgage video, where we give a basic overview of reverse mortgages in Canada and answer the question ‘what exactly is a reverse mortgage?’


Team Wedding Blog Amazing Ideas for Making a Memorable Best Man Speech – Team Wedding Blog

So, you have been chosen the best man? It is a good feeling to be the right-hand guy of the groom and especially when he is your best friend or brother. However, arranging your brother’s bachelor party and giving a best man speech publicly is completely different… Read more below!

3 Weeks After Perfect Wedding, Bride Wakes Up With A Frightening Realization About That Day

Just 19 days after her wedding in August 2014, Justice Stamper was driving in her car making a left turn when another car crashed right into her. Miraculously, Justice survived, but a few weeks into her recovery, she made a heartbreaking realization. Not only did Justice suffer from PTSD and speech problems in the wake of the…